Maintain the value of samples, keep them protected and eliminate the unknown

Traceability of anatomic pathology "assets" (specimens, blocks, slides) can enhance laboratory efficiency, promote patient safety, and improve patient care, thereby reducing medical-legal liability.
At A.Menarini Diagnostics, we understand that safe and secure storage is a non-negotiable part of the laboratory workflow and that each sample must be managed and monitored in a consistent manner.

We are aware of the dual importance of sample integrity and storage management and offer a comprehensive and efficient solution to protect your samples, track your archiving process and provide peace of mind.
Arkive SLTM is designed to guarantee slide integrity during short and medium/long-term storage and to enhance safety and security. In short, it provides sample safety, user and laboratory safety, and ultimately, patient safety.

  • Total traceability through the SLTrack management software and SLTrack application, combined with overall barcode technology to avoid manual data entry and reduce errors
  • Physical protection of the slides during transport and storage with dedicated cartridges and racks
  • Slides are spaced adequately to avoid contact and cross-contamination
  • Operator access rights and authentication are established to prevent access by unauthorized users
  • The unit is controlled by electromagnetic locks in order to prevent accidental and unauthorized opening
  • Each unit is equipped with temperature and humidity sensors and values are displayed both on the external unit monitor and on the server console, as well as saved in a log file. Exceeding the pre-set thresholds generates an alarm signal, which is notified in real-time to the lab operators and the Service Center
  • Similarly, any tampering of the unit or accidental malfunctions are monitored in a log file and alarms are immediately activated

User-friendly interface for improved user experience and security

The system includes three types of communication:

  • Communication via terminal: all connected devices can be monitored by the management software (SLTrack)
  • Visual communication: pick/put to light technology (Led strip lights on the storage units) guides the operator to the right rack location both during archiving and retrieval procedures
  • Communication via App (SLTrack): receive notifications, step-by-step instructions, operational feedback and access to an online help system

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