Laboratory processes and systems that manage important patient samples during pre-analytical and analytical steps are well-developed these days, are almost always automated and ensure good traceability.
The critical aspects of the histopathology workflow lie in the process of archiving slides and blocks and retrieving them for further testing.

In most cases, the process is non-standardized and complicated; poor labeling and lost samples may occur, impacting safety, convenience and service costs.
From sorting to archiving and retrieving to re-archiving, Arkive SLTM, the integrated storage solution from A.Menarini Diagnostics, can now provide pathology professionals with total slide traceability.

Reliable identification technology

Thanks to unique 1D/linear and Data Matrix (2D/two-dimensional) barcodes and QR Codes, no manual data entry operation is needed.
Each component, including microscope slides, cartridges, racks and storage units, can be fully tracked, virtualized and visualized.
In-depth traceability information for important patient samples will always be available.

State-of-the art management and communication software

A dedicated, web-based management software platform developed with MAPS technology ensures that each step is managed quickly and appropriately.
SLTrack software automatically logs a full audit trail of any slide and SL item in your laboratory and enables users to trace, locate and retrieve samples rapidly and efficiently.

With SLTrack software, the head pathologist can easily create tasks and send alerts and notifications for both archival and retrieval to authorized users and keep track of the process each step of the way.
Any specimen can be very quickly archived or located and accessed for retrieval at any time. The entire workflow will be improved, minimizing errors and saving a lot of time each day.

An App for sample safety all the way

A mobile App with advanced security features has been specifically developed to improve efficiency and enhance traceability. Each lab technician is assigned a personal smartphone with the SLTrack App installed on it. SLTrack App is a user-friendly extension to the webbased software platform, and easily allows the operator to:

  • Receive notifications to perform archiving or retrieval tasks
  • Scan barcodes with the smartphone camera
  • Receive step-by-step instructions that help to minimize errors
  • Be authenticated to access samples and storage units
  • Get operational feedback on the correctness of performed tasks
  • Receive immediate alerts and warnings when a malfunction occurs or a problem is detected
  • Access to Support Center tools, video-tutorials and operating manuals

The pathologist will be able to keep track of all user activities performed in the lab with a comprehensive audit trail, regardless of the distance.

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