Arkive SLTM is the innovative microscope slide storage and management solution for pathology labs and departments developed by Logibiotech for A. Menarini Diagnostics to transform the archiving and retrieval process, optimize traceability and safety of precious patient cytology and histology slides, and reduce the time and effort needed to sort and store.

Pathologists, lab managers, and risk managers can be reassured that their patient samples are now safe and viable for future use.
Laboratory resources can now be focused on what matters most - reliable diagnostics and better patient care.

  • A unique model for success
  • Exclusive management software to facilitate quick and easy operation
  • Full traceability and easy retrieval of microscope slides
  • Safe and secure storage unit with constant monitoring
  • Proper conservation for long-term sample integrity and quality
  • No risks associated with lost slides
  • User-friendly software and hardware interface
  • Increased productivity and optimum laboratory workflow
  • Cost efficiency with improved staff utilization and reduction of error-prone processes
  • Modular, flexible and tailored solutions and capacities to meet
  • different laboratory demands

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